MIM Medical designs and manufactures a range of products for the healthcare industry in accordance with the HTM02 and HTM2022 standards . All systems are produced to meet British standards and are of the highest possible quality.

More information on MIM products can be found on their individual pages, but if you would like an overview, please see below.

Medical Source Gas Equipment

The range of Medical / Surgical Air Plants, Medical Vacuum Plants, Manifolds, AGSS Plants and Oxygen Concentrators are all built in accordance with current HTM standards and are designed for medical gas distribution.

Pipeline Equipment

MIM Medical’s pipeline equipment includes an area valve service unit, which provides the ability to isolate part of the gas supply in the event of an emergency and is secured by a key operated lock. Also available in pipeline equipment is the AVZM Zone Module, Medical Gas Terminal Units in accordance with EN737-1 and Lockable Line Valves.

Medical Gas Alarms

MIM Medical’s alarm panel monitors the source medical equipment to ensure proper running of the facilities. Each panel can display information up to 6 gases, with 4 conditions available for each type of gas, allowing clients to see at a glance the current state of their gas supply. The panel is extremely secure and can only be accessed via a tamperproof screw. Also available are local/area alarm panels that allow 2 conditions to be monitored on up to 6 gases.

Dental/Lab Plants

MIM Medical offer a range of dental air and dental suction units that can be easily installed in multiple chair dental suites. We also offer a range of laboratory air and vacuum plants for centralised systems. These are custom built to meet the needs of individual users.