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Welcome to MIM Medical

MIM Medical is a leading manufacturer of medical gas equipment in the UK, the company has been involved in the design, development and manufacture of such equipment and have supplied a variety of hospitals across the world since 1979.

MIM Medical is ISO 9001 accredited and completes all products to the highest possible standards – often exceeding the requirements of the industry. The company has a comprehensive service and support system in place that is available to all clients, offering them everything they need from the initial consultation stages right through to product maintenance following installation.

You can find out much more about MIM Medical, its services and products by browsing the pages of this website.

Medical Source Gas Equipment » view products

Visit this page to find out all about MIM Medical’s range of medical source gas equipment, such as Medical Compressed Air Plants, Medical Vacuum Plants, Cylinder Manifolds, AGSS Plants and Oxygen PSA Plants all of which are designed HTM02-01 and HTM2022 standards.

Pipeline Equipment » view products

This page will tell you all about MIM Medical’s range of medical gas pipeline equipment. There are several options here, all of which are designed for maximum efficiency and to meet client needs. They include area valve service units, area valve zone modules, medical gas terminal units, lockable line valves, pressure reducing stations and ceiling Pendants. All are manufactured in accordance with current HTM02-01 and HTM 2022 standards.

Medical Gas Alarms » view products

MIM Medical’s medical gas alarms have been developed as part of an integrated service that works in conjunction with each other. This webpage will tell you more about them. They consist of three main components – the central medical gas alarm panel that can monitor up to 6 gases on one panel, the plant encoders, which can transmit up to 4 alarm conditions at any one time to the plant alarm panel and the area medical gas alarm panel that can also monitor 6 gases on one panel.

Dental and Laboratory Plants » view products

Here you can find out about MIM Medical’s range of dental and laboratory all of which are built in accordance with HTM02-01 and HTM2022 standards. They included dental suction plants, dental air plants, laboratory vacuum plants and laboratory air plants.